Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Cruises to Tortola.

TortolaTortola, a group of islands that form part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands is the largest of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Tortola also provides the main port of entry for a growing mega yacht and cruise tourism industry. Most cruise ships calling at Tortola dock at the Cruise Pier in Road Town. The pier is big enough to handle two large cruise ships simultaneously.  A new cruise complex has been constructed at the foot of the pier called Tortola Pier Park.  It is 80,000 square feet and in addition to an administration building there are 50 shops and restaurants.  There is also a place for land-tours to assemble and a separate pier for boat tours.

Tortola and the BVI are a popular destination for divers and snorkelers. The steady winds and calm seas also make Tortola and the BVI one of the world’s premier yachting regions. Take the easy walk from the pier to the center of town and you’ll see bars, shops, and even a modest market. Experienced cruisers may be underwhelmed by the merchandise, but keep your eyes peeled for one-of-a-kind gems made by local crafters, such as handmade jewelry and metal bracelets pounded out while you watch.

Tortola tourist attractions

Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Tortola is definitely busy these days, particularly when several cruise ships tie up at the Road Town dock. Passengers crowd the streets and shops, and open-air jitneys filled with them create bottlenecks on the island’s byways.[…]

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