St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

Cruises to St. John’s.

St. John'sSt. John’s is the capital, largest city and key port of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The city is home to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, with exhibits on indigenous tribes and plantation life. The city is famous for its shopping malls as well as boutiques throughout the city, selling designer jewellery and haute-couture clothing. There are also independent, locally run establishments, selling fashions. St. John’s Cathedral, a 19th-century Anglican church, is on a hill near the 17th-century Government House. A monument to the nation’s founder, V.C. Bird, is next to the Public Market, which sells crafts and produce.

The city is approximately 4 square miles on size, and is designed in an easy to navigate grid system. As long as you have a map in hand, it is very difficult to get lost in St Johns – and if in doubt downhill is generally towards the harbour, and uphill is out of town.

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