Bonaire, Leeward Antilles

Cruise to Bonaire.

BonaireBonaire is an island in the Leeward Antilles in the southern Caribbean. Together with Aruba and Curaçao, it forms the group known as the ABC islands. Bonaire’s capital is Kralendijk. Its reef-lined coast is protected by Bonaire National Marine Park. Beyond its rich marine life, the island shelters lizards, donkeys and birds within its immense Washington Slagbaai National Park, marked by beaches, lagoons, caverns and desert-like hills. Bonaire has consistently ranked as the finest snorkeling and scuba diving destination in the Caribbean because island’s diligent stewardship of its marine resources. Great Adventures Bonaire is the on-site dive shop that will set up your equipment, take it down, get it on and off the dive boat for you, lead you on your boat dives, and just be your general diving buddy in general in Bonaire. The reefs around Bonaire form a narrow fringing reef, which begins practically at the shoreline and extends to a maximum of 984 feet (300m) offshore. The whole area is protected as part of the Bonaire National Marine Park and legislation ensures wise use of the island’s coral reefs, sea grass, and mangroves. Nearly 60 species of coral can be found on the reefs, but they do vary by habitat.

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