Fort Lauderdale Cruise Monthly Guide

Your Comprehensive Monthly Planner

Four Caribbean SeasonsExplore cruising opportunities year-round with the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Monthly Guide, designed to enhance your departure experience from Port Everglades. Known for its picturesque waterways and proximity to the Caribbean, Fort Lauderdale offers a monthly overview of the best times to sail, complemented by insights into local weather, events, and attractions. Each month brings its own charm, from the cooler, festive winter months to the vibrant, sunny days of summer. This guide helps you navigate the rich tapestry of Fort Lauderdale’s cruise offerings, ensuring your cruise from Port Everglades is matched with the ideal weather, events, and itineraries for an unforgettable journey in 2024 and 2025.

Winter Season: December to February

Winter SeasonWinter in Fort Lauderdale is a season of gentle warmth and vibrant festivities. The city’s waterways and beaches become serene retreats for both locals and visitors seeking sunshine amid the cooler months. Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as the “Venice of America” is especially enchanting during this time, with holiday boat parades lighting up the canals. Winter cruises from Port Everglades offer escapes to the Caribbean’s tropical warmth, providing a perfect holiday getaway with themed cruises celebrating Christmas and the New Year.

December in Fort Lauderdale

Winter Festivities and Perfect Cruising

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in DecemberIn December, Fort Lauderdale’s weather is comfortably cool, with temperatures in the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit. The city embraces the holiday spirit with numerous events, including boat parades along the Intracoastal Waterway, where yachts and watercraft are illuminated with festive lights. Shopping districts and beaches are less crowded, offering a more relaxed holiday shopping and leisure experience.

Cruising Perspective

Fort Lauderdale’s cruise terminals become gateways to festive holiday and New Year cruises in December, featuring special onboard celebrations, gourmet holiday meals, and themed entertainment. Fort Lauderdale cruises in December are particularly appealing, offering a mix of holiday traditions and tropical warmth. Fort Lauderdale cruises are perfect for ringing in the New Year under the Caribbean stars.

January in Fort Lauderdale

A New Start with Ideal Conditions

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in JanuaryFort Lauderdale in January is characterized by warm days and cooler evenings, with temperatures typically ranging from the 60s to the mid-70s Fahrenheit. The city’s famous beachfront promenade, Las Olas Boulevard’s shops and restaurants, and the serene Hugh Taylor Birch State Park are ideal for enjoying the comfortable weather.

Cruising Perspective

January is a bustling month for cruises from Fort Lauderdale, with many travelers seeking to start their year with a Caribbean getaway, leading to higher pricing. The Western Caribbean is particularly appealing this time of year, offering balmy weather and diverse activities, from ancient Mayan ruins to vibrant coral reefs, perfectly complementing Fort Lauderdale’s own seaside charm.

February in Fort Lauderdale

Gentle Warmth and Relaxed Voyages

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in FebruaryFort Lauderdale enjoys warm days and mild evenings in February, with temperatures typically ranging from the 60s to the mid-70s Fahrenheit. The city’s waterfront promenade, arts and culture scene, and outdoor dining options make it a great place to explore before setting sail.

Cruising Perspective

Cruise activity from Fort Lauderdale in February is bustling, with the allure of the Caribbean drawing many travelers. The Southern Caribbean, with its diverse islands like Aruba, Curaçao, and Barbados, offers an enticing mix of Dutch and British influences, beautiful beaches, and warm, sunny weather, complementing Fort Lauderdale’s own tropical climate.

Spring Season: March to May

Spring SeasonSpringtime in Fort Lauderdale brings a refreshing burst of greenery and a pleasant climate, ideal for exploring the city’s lush parks and outdoor attractions. The Las Olas Art Fair and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival are highlights, drawing culture enthusiasts. Cruising from Fort Lauderdale in spring presents opportunities to explore the Caribbean’s blooming landscapes and vibrant cultures, mirroring the city’s own spring awakening with journeys filled with discovery and rejuvenation.

March in Fort Lauderdale

Spring Beauty and Ideal Sea Journeys

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in MarchFort Lauderdale in March experiences warm and inviting weather, with average temperatures ranging from the high 60s to low 80s Fahrenheit. This month is perfect for strolling along the Riverwalk, exploring the arts and entertainment district, or relaxing on the city’s extensive beachfront.

Cruising Perspective

As the spring break period begins, March can be a busy time for cruises from Fort Lauderdale. The Southern Caribbean, with its diverse landscapes and cultures, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Destinations like Grenada and St. Lucia, with their lush rainforests and vibrant local life, provide a serene and enriching cruising experience.

April in Fort Lauderdale

Perfect Climate for Exploration

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in AprilFort Lauderdale in April enjoys warm temperatures, with averages ranging from the high 60s to mid-80s Fahrenheit. The city’s waterways and canals are perfect for leisurely boat tours, and the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival offers a culinary adventure for foodies.

Cruising Perspective

Cruise departures from Fort Lauderdale in April might see a slight decrease in prices as the season transitions. The month is ideal for Southern Caribbean cruises, exploring the unique blend of Dutch, French, and British influences in the islands, from the spice markets of Grenada to the colonial architecture of Curaçao.

May in Fort Lauderdale

Warmth and Value Cruising

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in MayIn May, Fort Lauderdale’s temperatures range from the high 70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit, with the city fully embracing the onset of summer. The Tortuga Music Festival, featuring top country, rock, and roots performers, is a major event this month, drawing music lovers to Fort Lauderdale’s scenic beachfront.

Cruising Perspective

Cruise departures from Fort Lauderdale in May can benefit from the end of the high season, with more competitive pricing and a wide range of available itineraries. The Southern Caribbean, with its diverse islands and cultures, remains an attractive option, offering a blend of historical sites, lush landscapes, and vibrant local life, enhancing the tropical experience initiated in Fort Lauderdale.

Summer Season: June to August

Summer SeasonSummer transforms Fort Lauderdale into a lively hub of sun, sea, and outdoor activities, with its beaches and waterways bustling with life. Despite the heat, the summer vibe is palpable, with waterfront dining and evening strolls along the beachfront promenade. Cruises from Port Everglades in summer cater to adventurers and families alike, sailing to the Caribbean’s sun-soaked islands where the allure of crystal-clear waters and vibrant reef life offers a refreshing counterpoint to Fort Lauderdale’s summertime heat.

June in Fort Lauderdale

Summer Fun and Family Adventures

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in JuneFort Lauderdale in June is warm and humid, with temperatures typically in the high 70s to low 90s Fahrenheit. The city’s numerous waterways and beaches offer a respite from the heat, and indoor attractions like the NSU Art Museum provide cultural enrichment away from the summer sun.

Cruising Perspective

The onset of the hurricane season in June can lead to more cautious planning for cruises from Fort Lauderdale. However, the Southern Caribbean, with its slightly less affected weather patterns, remains a popular destination. Cruisers can enjoy the diverse landscapes and cultures of islands like Barbados and St. Lucia, which offer lush rainforests and vibrant local communities.

July in Fort Lauderdale

Peak of Summer and Exciting Voyages

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in JulyJuly in Fort Lauderdale is characterized by hot temperatures, often reaching the low 90s Fahrenheit, combined with high humidity and afternoon rainstorms. The city’s many indoor attractions, such as the Museum of Discovery and Science, offer educational and fun escapes from the summer heat. The beach remains a popular spot for early morning or late afternoon visits when the temperatures are more bearable.

Cruising Perspective

Cruising from Fort Lauderdale in July is popular among families and travelers looking to maximize their summer vacations. Southern Caribbean itineraries are sought after for their diverse offerings, from the spice island of Grenada to the enchanting beaches of Aruba, providing a rich mix of cultural and natural exploration opportunities. Guests are advised to plan for the possibility of itinerary changes due to the hurricane season.

August in Fort Lauderdale

End of Summer Deals and Tropical Escapes

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in AugustIn August, Fort Lauderdale’s weather remains hot and humid, with temperatures in the high 80s to 90s Fahrenheit. Early mornings or late afternoons are the best times to explore the city’s outdoor attractions, such as strolling along the Riverwalk or visiting the Flamingo Gardens. Indoor options like shopping at Sawgrass Mills offer an escape from the midday heat.

Cruising Perspective

Fort Lauderdale’s cruise schedule in August is vibrant, with Southern Caribbean cruises drawing travelers with their promise of exotic landscapes and diverse cultures. Islands like Curacao and St. Kitts offer a mix of Dutch charm and lush tropical beauty, providing a refreshing contrast to Fort Lauderdale’s urban beach vibe. Travelers should be prepared for potential itinerary changes due to the hurricane season.

Fall Season: September to November

Fall SeasonAs fall approaches, Fort Lauderdale enjoys a milder climate and the beauty of the season, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration and enjoying the city’s cultural events. The fall months bring a sense of calm to the city, with less crowded beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. Cruising from Fort Lauderdale in the fall offers a chance to witness the Caribbean’s transition into the cooler season, with itineraries that explore the region’s diverse islands, rich histories, and lush natural landscapes, providing a serene backdrop to the vibrant fall season in Fort Lauderdale.

September in Fort Lauderdale

Relaxed Atmosphere and Budget-Friendly Cruises

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in SeptemberFort Lauderdale in September sees the continuation of the hot and humid summer weather, with temperatures typically in the 80s Fahrenheit. Indoor activities such as visiting the NSU Art Museum or enjoying the upscale shopping at The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale become popular choices. The city’s numerous waterfront dining options also provide pleasant evening experiences with cooling breezes.

Cruising Perspective

September offers opportunities for quieter cruises from Fort Lauderdale, with the Southern Caribbean being a particularly appealing destination due to its diverse islands and cultures. Islands like Martinique and Dominica offer rainforests, waterfalls, and unique cultural experiences. With the hurricane season at its peak, flexibility and travel insurance are recommended for cruisers.

October in Fort Lauderdale

Autumn’s Gentle Touch and Pleasant Cruising

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in OctoberIn October, Fort Lauderdale’s weather becomes more temperate, with average temperatures in the high 70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit. The city’s outdoor life begins to thrive again, with residents and visitors enjoying the beach, boating, and waterfront dining with less humidity and heat.

Cruising Perspective

Cruising from Fort Lauderdale in October is ideal for those seeking to explore the diverse islands of the Southern Caribbean. Destinations such as St. Lucia and Barbados offer lush landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking in rainforests to snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, providing a vibrant contrast to Fort Lauderdale’s laid-back beach scene.

November in Fort Lauderdale

Mild Weather and Exceptional Cruise Offers

Weather and City Attractions

Caribbean cruises in NovemberFort Lauderdale enjoys a mild climate in November, with temperatures typically in the 70s Fahrenheit. The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, one of the largest in the world, takes place this month, showcasing yachts and marine technology. The city’s beaches, canals, and outdoor spaces become increasingly popular as residents and visitors alike take advantage of the comfortable weather.

Cruising Perspective

The cruising season from Fort Lauderdale is in full swing by November, offering a wide array of Caribbean itineraries. The Southern Caribbean, with its diverse islands and vibrant cultures, is a standout choice, offering everything from the Dutch charm of Curacao to the natural beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, mirroring Fort Lauderdale’s own mix of waterfront elegance and tropical allure.

Public Holiday Schedule

There are ten public holidays observed throughout the country. These are “bank” holidays, and most federal agencies are closed. What will be open or closed depends on the holiday and the particular establishment, i.e., on Christmas Day, some grocery stores may be open, some may be open during special holiday hours, and some may be closed. Some parks are closed on Christmas Day; others are open 365 days a year. As a general rule, the following remain:


  • Government Offices
  • Schools
  • Post Offices
  • Banks
  • Public Libraries


  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Federal, State, and Regional Parks
  • Public transportation; check for special holiday schedules

Public Holidays in Miami

New Year’s Day
January 1, 202
Martin Luther King’s Birthday, observed on the third Monday in January
January 15, 2024
President’s Day, observed on the third Monday in February
February 19, 2024
Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday in May
May 27, 2024
Independence Day
July 4, 2024
Labor Day, observed on the first Monday in September
September 2, 2024
Columbus Day, observed on the second Monday in October
October 14, 2024
Veteran’s Day
November 11, 2024
Thanksgiving Day, observed on the fourth Thursday in November
November 28, 2024
Christmas Day
December 25, 2024

The Fort Lauderdale Cruise Monthly Guide is your all-in-one resource for planning a year of exciting and memorable cruises. Each month in Fort Lauderdale brings its own unique appeal, both on land and at sea. Utilize this guide to embrace the diverse experiences that Fort Lauderdale’s cruising scene has to offer.

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